Dental implant treatment is the way to recover your missing teeth without damaging any other natural teeth.
The Titanium fixture can be integrated with bone then make Crown avobe this.

When it makes a comparison with alternatives, bridge and partial denture has much possibility of missing
more teeth in the future because of over load for teeth.

Bridge Treatment

Bridge treatment has to cut off your healthy teeth.
Furthermore, the force of each tooth may be overloaded, which may cause the supporting teeth to break in the future.


The biting efficiency of removable dentures is said to be less than 30 percent of that of natural teeth. Furthermore, it is the fate of dentures that the dentures get larger and larger as time goes by in order to put a load on other teeth and gums.

In our clinic, we are providing high quality dental implant treatment to cotribute longevity of your oral condition.


Our implant treatment provides total support with a certified periodontal specialist engaging in all stages from diagnosis to maintenance.
We believe that a dentist’s mission is to maintain as many natural teeth as possible, as opposed to heedlessly extracting them.
We take the time to counsel each patient, explaining the patient’s oral health
and providing the best treatment for oral issue.

Esthetic excellence and
dental perfection

Your implant will be finished to look just like your own teeth. You can also expect that your implant functions similarly to your natural teeth, letting you have a comfortable implant life without being concerned with an awkward attachment.

Long-lasting durability

The implant itself is composed of materials that can be used almost permanently. For a long-term application, you are advised to receive appropriate oral hygienic treatment. Follow the instructions of a dentist or dental hygienist.

A safe and secure medical environment

We take hygienic maintenance seriously, using a dental instrument washing machine, sterilization packs, and a disinfection system so that our patients can receive implant treatment in a comfortable environment.

Intensive oral maintenance
with a dental hygienist

If you do not receive appropriate maintenance care after installing an implant you may experience symptoms similar to those of periodontal disease. In order to be able to use your implant as long as possible, proper brushing instruction and dental cleaning (PMTC) on a regular basis is necessary. With a careful dental care, you can enjoy the freedom your new dental implant gives you for many years.


We perform surgeries such as implant surgery in a large, clean, and quiet private treatment room.


In partnership with specialists from various academies, we offer a follow-up system that lets you receive intensive care even after returning to Japan